Adjustable Bath Enables Kerry Worthington From Kent To Bathe Her Son Who Lives With Disability and Associated Dermatological Issues

Designed to meet the needs of larger and taller bathers, the Scorpio 1800 disabled bath provides superior levels of comfort as it is wider, deeper and longer than a standard bath. It is a height adjustable bath, ensuring a safe and comfortable working level for carers to reduce the risk of injury or back strain.

The Scorpio 1800 incorporates a powered seat that transfers the bather in and out of the bath in a smooth and controlled manner. There is the option for this seat to be detachable and compatible with a wheeled frame – providing a completely detachable transit chair for onward transfers around the bathroom or beyond.

The Scorpio has a 150kg safe lifting weight and is available with a range of taps, shower units, LED lighting and whirlpool options.

The Challenges

Paul Worthington, 17 from Gravesend in Kent, is a lively and positive teenager who lives with complex disabilities resulting from Sjögren–Larsson syndrome (SLS).

SLS is a very rare condition which causes a variety of mobility and co-ordination difficulties resulting in Paul needing care 24/7 and use of a powered wheelchair.

Paul was diagnosed aged 3 due to three determining factors – Ichthyosis, which is a build-up of dry skin to form a scale-like covering that is irritable; spastic paraplegia characterised by leg spasms; and intellectual delay. Paul is regularly treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children and is the only outpatient under their care with this complex condition.

Despite undergoing 12 orthopaedic-related operations and living with many challenges, Paul remains happy and is able to board at the Valence School three nights a week – an opportunity he relishes.

When at home Paul’s disability means he needs assistance from his parents to transfer out of his powerchair for bathing, toileting and sleeping. With his sensitive dermatological condition, it is essential for Paul to bathe and be transferred efficiently between bathroom and bedroom so his mother can complete his daily skin care treatment. With a height adjustable Scorpio bath from Abacus that includes a transfer seat and detachable transit chair, Paul and Kerry can enjoy the bathing experience with more comfort and safety.

Making Bathing Easier

The Worthington family have lived in their current house for over 20 years which has been extended and adapted to provide accessibility for Paul. Paul uses a fully adapted bathroom downstairs with ceiling track hoist, wall mounted stretcher, adapted toilet and hi-lo adjustable Abacus bath.

Paul enjoys time in his modern and engaging bedroom with its selection of sensory orientated equipment and technology - listening to music and singing is a favourite activity. As Paul’s bedroom and adapted bathroom are situated at opposite ends of a spacious hallway, Kerry not only needs a height adjustable bath with powered bather transfer seat, but also requires an onward transit solution.

Hence with ownership of a Scorpio 1800 with detachable transit chair, she can manoeuvre Paul efficiently between bathroom and bedroom so drying, dressing and skin treatment is quicker and easier.

The Scorpio 1800 transfer seat lifts and lowers Paul into the bath and can easily be positioned onto a separate wheeled frame. The electrically operated hi-lo movement of the disabled bath means Kerry can minimise the risk of back or muscle strain from excessive bending or lifting when attending to Paul.

The Scorpio 1800 is longer than a standard bath (1800mm) so Paul has ample room to stretch out his legs. The Worthington’s Scorpio has been fitted with AirSpa functionality which provides a more soothing experience for Paul. Read more....

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