Theraposture launches dynamic new website for professionals and consumers

Our dynamic new website give professionals and consumers easier access to our comprehensive guidance regarding appropriate adjustable beds, chairs and care cots.

Theraposture is a caring and ethical company that takes pride in driving innovation in the assistive furniture sector.

It provides quality products that continually raise standards in safety, ergonomics and comfort. Its progressive approach to business and client-centric approach are clearly reflected in its new user-friendly website. Acting as an information hub, the Theraposture website will continue to expand with new product and educational material so end users are empowered to make more of an informed decision.

Faster access to knowledge

The state-of- the-art platform on which the new Theraposture website has been built provides complete flexibility for optimum viewing on all the latest electronic devices. It combines simplistic and stylish typography with a clean and open design so readability and accessibility is maximised – all housed in a fluid wire frame that is especially effective on mobile phones. Over 50% of traffic to the Theraposture website is via a mobile device so adaptability is essential for healthcare professionals, families and end users on the move. One of the fundamental purposes of the new site was to provide faster access to the knowledge base within Theraposture. Over and above the detailed product and educational information available, the new live chat feature provides immediate interaction with Trusted Assessors. Read more....

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