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Singin' in the Rayn

Open a fashion magazine, and among the amazing contortions performed by the models, one pose will most likely be absent: sitting. Clothes t…

Started by Ciorstaidh MacGlone

0 Apr 28, 2015

Edinburgh Care Home Review the S'up Spoon

Some of you may remember, but a while back we heard about the  S’up Spoon on bespoken. The S’up Spoon is a new design of spoon which seeks…

Started by Rory Telfer

0 Apr 1, 2015

Alarm clock for deaf and hard of hearing

This alarm clock for people who are deaf or hard of hearing is unlikely to fail unless you are an exceptionally heavy sleeper. Helpfully…

Started by Paul Richoux

0 Apr 1, 2015

No Rayn on This Parade: Mit Startup Creates a Waterproof Jacket for People of All Abilities.

We spoke to Grace Teo, CEO of Open Style Lab last year, and recently were delighted to receive this press release detailing their latest p…

Started by Ciorstaidh MacGlone

0 Mar 17, 2015

HandSteady Drinking Aid Review

A while back we featured a short piece on the handSteady, a drinking aid which allows people with impaired upper mobility and tremors to dr…

Started by Rory Telfer

0 Mar 2, 2015

CAPR-style is competing for most innovative small business in Britain

Since we first featured them on bespoken, CAPR-Style have continued to grow, recently winning the title of Scotland’s most innovative small…

Started by Adam Shippey

0 Feb 24, 2015

See what it can gru for you: fixing the world with Sugru

Tactile marking on a light switch Sugru is a mouldable silicone clay which dries to a hard, rubbery finish. To the eyes of somebody who l…

Started by Ciorstaidh MacGlone

0 Feb 16, 2015

wheelchair baby stroller

Hi everyone,   I thought I’d share this on our network. A senior member of the Bath based charity Designability got in touch with me this w…

Started by Paul Richoux

0 Feb 3, 2015

The Hat Catcher and other inventions

Sometimes a problem doesn’t need an expensive solution: just a bit of old fashioned ingenuity. bespoken member John Logan found that his ha…

Started by Ciorstaidh MacGlone

0 Jan 22, 2015

Best Picks From The James Dyson Award

The James Dyson Award is an award set up to encourage and inspire new designs and technologies which can change the world. Looking over th…

Started by Rory Telfer

0 Jan 13, 2015


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