3 smart and affordable tools to aid in day to day tasks...

Here's a quick look at three simple and affordable aids that can make small jobs and daily tasks easier and safer. These are suitable for a range of disabilities and conditions...

  1. Belliclamp Jar & Bottle Opener


Who’s it for? People who have the use of only one hand. This could be due to either losing the other one, being born with only one or simply a weak grip.


What is it? A counter top device that grips jars tightly so that you can open them using one hand. Ideal for people who have either lost a hand or lack strength in one or the other.


How does it work? It’s ludicrously simple. The device sits on the counter (or table), the jar goes in the centre of the clamp which is fitted with rubber for grip, and with your hip you use your body weight to push against it. When the jar is firmly in place, simply use one hand to twist the lid off.


Is it any good? Well the verdict appears to be highly positive. The only feedback I could find on it was from two very happy customers on Amazon. In both cases these are people who have lost an arm and find this device both brilliant and invaluable. One user has even bought extras for others they know have the same problem.



  1. Moen Home Care Glacier Tub Grip


Who’s if for? People who have bad balance and difficulty getting in and out of the Bathtub.


What is it? A simple concept, easy to install and, apparently, highly efficient; the Moen Home Care Glacier Tub Grip fixes itself firmly to any regular bathtub providing a useful handle grip for people who struggle to get in and out.


How does it work? Easy enough, you place it over the rim of the tub. You tighten it with a little wheel that you turn manually. Lastly you close the clamp down to secure it in place. I feel almost silly explaining these steps.


Is it any good? User reviews of the Tub Grip on the company website include one from a buyer who was saved an expensive walk in shower installation thanks to the Glacier Tub Grip. Another person describes how it has given them peace of mind knowing their elderly mother has this. It’s pretty stylish too and with its cream tone and smooth contours, probably wouldn’t look out of place in most bathrooms.



  1. The S’up Spoon

Who’s it for? People who have a condition that causes uncontrollable tremors (e.g. Parkinson’s disease)


What is it? A simple and sleek plastic spoon that enables people to eat things like soup, breakfast cereal, peas, corn, etc if they normally would struggle due to shaking.


How does it work? It doesn’t look like a spoon much and therein lies the brilliance. The food holding end of it has a deep hollow groove to hold your meal in as it approaches your mouth. Shake all you want but you’re unlikely to spill anything. Once in your mouth, just tip it back and enjoy.


Is it any good? We can confidently say it is. It received the stamp of approval from Blackwood in 2015 when it won the Blackwood Design Awards. The designer and owner of S’up Products, Grant Douglas, has Cerebral Palsy and developed it to meet his own requirements. He’s been using it ever since and has legions of fans and followers all over the world. That’s a pretty solid testament to its worth.


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