While looking through Kickstarter deciding which of the latest ‘selfie-drones’ deserves my backing, I stumbled across a fundraising campaign by 64 Oz. Games. Having successfully funded their campaign last April, 64 Oz. Games has now begun selling adaption kits which would allow both blind and sighted players to play games together. At the moment there is a bigger focus on blind-accessible card games, but there are a few board games too. Most of the games rely on the user to be able to read braille, with the cards having both a text and braille option. For those who cannot read braille, they also have an option; QR codes on the cards which allow the player to use their smartphone to read the text.

We’ve seen before on bespoken, with devices such as the Neatebox , how smartphones can be used to increase people’s accessibility and improve travel and safety and this is another of example how they can be effectively applied to offer simple solutions for accessing activities. As the company explains, there are options for blind-friendly versions of some of the more popular board games, but they are limited and far more expensive than the original and the adaption kits seem like such a simple idea which could allow a far greater range of blind and visually-impaired people to access a new range of activities.


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