Alright so there are already quite a lot of adaptations for cooking and food preparation. There was an article on bespoken recently all about designs for accessible cooking. This latest one however holds the distinction of being neither hypothetical nor overly complicated.


It can further boast of having earned several glowing reviews from independent users.


So what is it?


Designed by Graham Drummond from New Zealand who has rheumatoid arthritis, the Cibocal chopping board is designed for the benefit of anyone who has a weak grip, pain in the hands or arms, or difficulty gripping a chopping implement. It’s fitted with a slim metal bar that runs horizontally across the board which hovers on springs. You stick the pointy bit of the knife under the bar which will hold it steady whilst you chop away at whatever you want.

If you’re having difficulty visualizing that this video will probably help.



So what have people been saying about it?


Generally a good indicator, reviews of Cibocal have been overwhelmingly positive. The only small criticism has been the price. The board is available on the Cibocal website for $128.00 NZD. That’s about £58.00, or $82.85 US Dollars; admittedly a bit steep for a chopping board.


Whether or not this stands in the way of you getting one is ultimately down to the individual to decide. One reviewer who was critical of the price did say;


“…if you have even the slightest issues that affect your ability to chop then I would recommend this board […] I do think cost would be a factor that might prevent people buying this. Certainly though if your impairments are such that you are unable to chop as you used to this Cibocal chopping board could actually get you back into the kitchen and give you back the ability to chop and prepare food safely.” -


And this is fairly indicative of the reviews overall. If you would like to know more about the Cibocal board or the company, follow the link to their website -



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