It’s the brain child of Rich Fabend who we spoke to not long ago. Following his accident that left him paralysed, Rich created a website known as Handihelp on which he shares countless homemade disability aids, devices and innovations all designed to help him (and others) in day to day life.


Partly motivated by the sheer cost of many disability products, Rich sought to provide people with some far more affordable suggestions that could assist them. The big advantage is that Rich designs and constructs these adaptations with a full understanding of the problem and the needs of the user.


What’s included?



…To name but a few. As you may have guessed Handihelp provides solutions to a whole multitude of obstacles, both common place and some more unique ones. I refer you to Rich’s hunting adaptations he has for his outdoor wheelchair. Not for everyone admittedly but it’s encouraging that these things are being thought of. It really shows a determination to not allow one’s disability to hamper quality of life.


The latest


We have mentioned Handihelp before on bespoken and in fact we have a whole category dedicated to it. I’m bringing it up again because as of recently, Handihelp has become available as an app.


Handihelp Mobile is a “free app that lets you access the Handihelp website from your smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad. It also has a couple things that are not on the website.”


Click here for the main Handihelp website.


Click here to download the App.


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