The latest results from the international James Dyson Awards have been announced and I thought I would share just some of the highlights on bespoken.


The James Dyson Awards recognise the best of international design and engineering that can help people and their communities. While it does not focus specifically on disability aids and independent living, these are common themes that inspire the entries. Here are some of the best.



Samarth, helps in shifting wheelchair users from wheelchair to any other medium e.g. bed, car and vice versa in an easy, safe and convenient way. Also, it drastically reduces the efforts of care giver in handling of patient, especially during transfer.



Project Circleg – Low Cost Prosthetic Leg System

In less developed countries there is a lack of satisfactory and affordable prosthetic systems. Project Circleg closes this gap by using recycled plastic waste and simple production methods. The Circleg can therfore be produced locally and cost-effectively.



Air Chair

The Air-Chair provides ease of access and mobility to disabled air travellers. It enables them to use a single wheelchair for the entire journey from the airport to the aircraft. It integrates into the aircraft seat and enables all the inflight features.



Origami Hand

Origami-hand is a disposable robot hand that folds and assembles paper. I aim to expand the application range of robot by manufacturing the robot hand at low price which can perform complicated operation.



Arcx is an innovative prosthetic foot for below-knee amputees. The design allows users to experience daily life with minimal concessions by providing an adjustable ankle hinge, enabling both running and walking and giving extra comfortable sideways stability.



Parkinson Smart Cane

Patients with Parkinson's disease suffer from a condition known as Freezing of Gait (FoG) which causes a pause in walking despite the intention to walk. The device described helps patients overcome FoG through visual, auditory and tactile sensory cues.




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