Anyone reading my previous posts on the subject will know that I see Motability as just a commercial car leasing company - the biggest in the UK in fact as it has a Government given monopoly on turning our DLA / PIP payments into a car that we can drive might like to take a look at:

The Chief Executive Mike Bett's £1.7 million per year pay packet might take one or two by surprise.

On top of that, the company / charity (they've organised a convenient split in their organisation) is sitting on cash reserves of £2.4 BILLION. If you have trouble imagining that number, it would pay for the infamous "£350 million a week" promise on the Brexit Leave campaign bus for 7 weeks.

A couple of points (I speak here as a Fellow of the Institute of Directors):

  1. Clearly, nobody working for an organisation (of whatever dubious form) whose income and profit is guaranteed by the government and takes no risk whatever deserves such an enormous pay packet. So, Mike Betts, I hope the NAO make you pay at least 90% of it back to the public purse where it belongs.
  2. Given Motability's fairly simple role in life there can be o conceivable need for cash reserves counted in the £billions. A few £10's of millions to cover cashflow would be adequate. Where did this money come from? Accrued profits on the cars provided to disabled people. Can you think of any better uses of this money than letting it pile up in Motability's coffers? I can. They could either start paying for essential adaptations to vehicles (rather than making their customers beg through their charitable arm as they do at the moment) or ... give the surplus back to the Treasury - who paid them all this excess cash in the first place.

I live in France these days (so the mealy-mouthed Government deem it unnecessary to pay the Mobility component of DLA to me any longer - as clearly now that I'm out of the country I don't need to get out of the house) but even while I was still in the UK I found it cheaper to buy and run my own vehicle (I do realise how fortunate I am to have the money to do so and that many Motability customers do not have the funds to buy a car of their own). The point remains, Motability (which, quick reminder, uses your Mobility Component to pay the leasing and maintenance costs of a car they provide) is a very poor value deal.

The truth of that statement is shown in the Chief Exec's pay packet and the unpardonable pile of cash the company has amassed out of your pocket.

Sigh ...

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