Radical new concept could make wheelchair transfers a lot easier

The conceptual design came up on bespoken’s radar just this week. It addresses the difficulty in transferring a disabled person from a personal mobility vehicle to a chair or into bed.


Currently a lot of transferring of care receivers may be done without any aids and can potentially cause serious strain on the back of the carer. Where hoists are not suitable or welcome, perhaps the Assisted Move could step in? The simple looking design seems to involve tipping the person using their balance and leaning them over the solid figure before spinning and resting them on their bed. I make it sound a lot more complicated that it is admittedly.


Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think. Would you give this a try? What changes would you recommend?


A few photos of the design courtesy of Yankodesign.com


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What would stop it from tipping over (backward) if the carer let go, I wonder?

Very little by the looks of it. But in that same breath - what if the carer is transferring someone simply by lifting and moving, the old fashioned way? Surely the risk of dropping them or some other accident is just as likely if not more so?


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