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In this discussion area - we will post notes of the meetings of the Scottish Assistive Technology Network (SATN) group. This is a broad church group of people who have an interest in the promotion and use of assistive technology to enable, empower and safeguard people's independence and wellbeing.

This group will be a forum for:

  • Sharing of issues and information
  • The promotion and sharing of good practice
  • The development of guidance in AT values, knowledge and skills both for those working within an AT environment and generic care/support workers.

In all the above we will be trying to develop an appropriate Scottish perspective and Input from people who use assistive technology is most welcome.

Click on the links below to go to the discussion areas

Scottish Assistive Technology Network

          Minutes and notes of next meetings

UK wide AT Project


           Background papers



           Who's Who


Scottish Good Practice

            General Reports

            Specific Practice



            SATN Discussions

Technical Stuff

           Accessible Standard Formats

           Accessible Design

           Accessibility WEbissue

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Colin is there some way for you to include a note above of whether each discussion area is populated and/or has new content?  I found this format mildly irritating after following 5 links with no content especially since it opens a new tab, which then has to be closed rather than following a back button.

Apologies if that sounds critical but it doesn't feel accessible to me, which I don't think was the intention when you posted it all?

I did persevere and follow all the links and read the attachments - it is interesting stuff so a shame to limit the discussion by deterring people?


Hi Cathy,

If you click on the follow button you will get an email whenever there is a new post in the section, also if you look at the dates next to group it will tell you if there has been a post.




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