Simple and stylish solution for putting shoes on for severely disabled children

“Put your shoes on”, said the mum to her child as they were leaving in a hurry. A familiar phrase we can all relate to one way or another but for the parent/carer of a child with severe disabilities it can be easier said than done.


If the child in question has difficulties with movement/dexterity, needs their shoe laces tied for them, or has a mental disorder that causes them to act out, the whole process can turn into a daily struggle.


A couple years back when Blackwood attended Naidex Scotland 2013, we were able to show bespoken members the Tomcat Twister Shoes that many people raved about. Today we can show you a whole new kind of shoe tying system that approaches the problem from a totally different angle.


Hickies lacing system is not designed from the outset for children or adults who have disabilities but this little caveat doesn’t have to mean it can’t be an effective solution to the problem.


Stylish and smart, the Hickies lacing system basically consists of rubber elastic laces that don’t need to be tied. You just stretch open the shoe and shove it on your foot and it naturally tightens and fits around it.


Hickies lacing system is (according to a video introducing the product) “[…] engineered to withstand the forces of various kinds of activities. They loosen and contract with your foot for a comfortable and secure fit with each step.”


You don’t need to buy any specialist shoe either, these fit to all and any regular shoe provided it has eyelets for the laces to poke through.


Down side? Well it’s a bit more expensive than your average laces at £11.99 for a set. So basically, hope they don’t snap easily, although it seems from online reviews that this isn’t likely to happen.


What do you think? Could Hickies lacing system be a smart solution for dressing a disabled person including a child? Let us know what you think.


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