Spoon or Spoon? Which of these innovative designs do you think has most to offer?

Followers of the Blackwood Design Awards will remember that the S’up Spoon won the 2015 competition. A simple design, the S’up Spoon is a specialised but affordable piece of cutlery that enables people with severe tremors to eat independently without spilling any food. This works particularly well with things like soup, breakfast cereals or peas and other such foods. The spoon itself looks nothing like your usual one. It is long and narrow with a hollowed out bit at the top where the food can sit without falling out.

The S’up Spoon, which was designed by Grant Douglas and Mark Penver, has met with considerable praise for resolving a very old problem with an intelligent and yet uncomplicated concept.



There’s a new kid on the block to watch out for however…


You may have seen before the Liftware spoon which uses a mechanism to counter the shakes and tremors and work with them to keep the food steady as it goes to the mouth. Liftware have recently unveiled a new product, the Liftware Level. It operates to a large degree along the same lines as their first model but the Liftware Level is even more flexible than its predecessor.


This short video gives you an idea of what I mean:




Liftware Level costs $195.00 (or £153.96), and in this respect it undoubtedly falls behind the S’up Spoon which can be purchased for £12.50 which is about $15.83. The argument to counter the high cost (according to their website) is that it works out at about 17c per meal for the first year (it does, roughly. I checked) and thereafter it’s paid for. It also comes with different heads; a spoon or a fork.


So which of the two gets your vote of confidence, S’up Spoon or Liftware Level? Your feedback in the comments section below.


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