This woman's Facebook post flags up brilliant disabled support you probably never knew existed

The following post has lit up Facebook where one lady going about her daily commute got a super cool and unexpected surprise that put her in a great mood and showed that disabled access is truly getting better all the time.



Above screenshot courtesy of Facebook



Narrating the story in her post she explains:


“As I set off to work this morning my bloomin fuel light flashed. Not a big deal for those who are able-bodied but many disabled people (like me), can't or struggle to refuel their cars.


Thank goodness for the wonderful staff at my local #Asda Petrol station who are always on hand to help. Upon filling my car with diesel, the staff-member told me to wait as she had something for me...she then came back with this Pinpoint Key Fob and informed me that next time, just press the fob and they will be alerted to give me assistance - how cool, yet reassuring is that?!


Well done Asda for being disability smart!


Found out it's a national service:


Spread the word!”


Adding another layer to the discussion, one Facebook user commented “OMG I need this for air in my tires! I can't kneel and get back up easily at times, my car is adapted. I can fuel but dread when I need air.”


So what else can we tell you about the Pinpoint key fob? Well if your first thought is “nice idea but how many petrol stations are actually adopting this?” well the answer is actually quite a large number. Still overall a minority but just look at this UK map showing the location of each petrol station offering this service...



You’ll notice that’s a lot of locations. You can check right here to find the one nearest you.


Second question – how do you get one of the fobs? Well Mona Patel who shared the original post says she was given one but I doubt if that's common policy. Otherwise you can buy one for £14.95 on the Pinpoint website.


Let us know what you think in the comments section.


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