The sight of a red alarm cord is familiar to anyone who’s ever been in a disabled toilet. Probably also familiar is the infuriating sight of said cord tied up “out of the way”. The lack of understanding from people about the purpose of the cord is a constant nuisance to those who might actually need it dangling down to the floor, which is where they may well be lying if they ever need to pull it.


Enter Euan’s Guide! Our good friends based in Edinburgh run the imensly popular website that gives people the opportunity to review the accessibility of restaurants, bars, hotels, businesses, stores and basically anywhere people would go for a day/night out.



Euan’s Guide started a campaign promoted through social media to get their very own Red Cord Cards on as many cords as possible. The card raises awareness of the importance of not tying up the cord. To date over 20,000 cards have been fixed to a cord.


I want some cards! Where are my cards?

Okay, relax. You can have cards. All the cards you want. Click here to go straight to the relevant page on Euan’s Guide where you can order a whole batch.


Points mean prizes!

Here’s the key point - Euan’s Guide has successfully made it through to the second round of the Aviva Community Fund which, if they win, will help to fund the Red Cord Card project and ensure they can continue to send them. So if you want to support this great initiative, you can vote for #RedCordCard right here. On behalf of Euan’s Guide, thanks.


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