WheelBlades - A Simple & Intelligent Design for Wheelchair Winter Weather

What with the pretty extreme weather we’ve had lately this seems like an invention. If trying to get about in snow is difficult on foot, it’s pretty miserable when using a wheelchair. Unless you have a very expensive outdoor purpose designed wheelchair, your average one will struggle and the casters will get stuck in snow.


WheelBlades are effectively miniature skis that fit to the front casters on a manual wheelchair and allow it to move much more smoothly over snow covered surfaces.


Not bad considering. The official WheelBlades website charges 158 Swiss Francs for a pair of WheelBlades which, for those like me who are clueless about the exchange rate, comes to roughly £120 or U.S. $166.


How good is it actually?

An advantage seems to be that it fits to lots of different types of casters so works with a range of manual wheelchairs. For performance you should check out the video below. And if your knowledge of German is better than mine, please feel free to translate in the comments section. Even if you can’t speak a word of German, you’ll get the idea.


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