When should I replace my chair as a active user?

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Hi Speedster! For me personally it depends from chair to chair. I’ve had chairs that have still been good to use after 10 years. As long as you keep your chair maintained well, it’ll last a fairly long time. Your personal circumstances might change though, which may result in you needing a new chair, so it really is dependent on a case by case basis. As a rule of thumb though, I’d say your average chair can last 5-10 years with heavy usage.
Mine has lasted 6 years but started to not perform good even though I looked after it with heavy usage also hub on one wheel fell apart hasn’t been great ever since

Hi speedster, I would agree with Geordie Travels point that it most often comes down to personal circumstances. For some people a replacement is necessary due to a change in circumstances, but for others it's because they want the newest in technology (lighter frames etc).

I've had my current wheelchair for around 6 years, and although I put it through it's paces on a regular basis, it's still in relatively good shape. I have had the upholstery and castors replaced, but as my physical needs haven't changed it still works well for me.

Hope this has been helpful and best of luck.


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