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Short break for the bulletin

Hi all,

The bespoken team is a little short staffed this week with holidays and so on so we will not be sending out a bulletin on Friday the 20th of July.

All bespoken members can still post content, ask questions and support one another and engage with bespoken during this time. The bulletin will return on Friday the 27th of July.

Thank you

The bespoken Team

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“Don’t you wish you could walk?” – and other attitudes I’ve encountered

Coping with disability is something that every disabled person (including myself) will have to do on a daily basis. One thing all disabled people will also have to deal with throughout various points in our lives is the various attitudes that exist towards disability from an able-bodied society.


1. The easily identifiable/pitying


In terms of able-bodied attitudes (in my experience) the reaction of many able-bodied people is to immediately feel pity towards…


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'Harley Davidson' Mobility Scooter Gives New Lease of Life to Disabled Rambler

78 year old Sue Raymond has discovered a 'new lease of life' since discovering her TGA 'Harley Davidson' style mobility scooter.

Sue has always been a fan of the outdoors, and before retiring she was a milkmaid in the farming sector in Surrey. However, following…


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Empowerment The Process

To be a member of the disabled community does not and should not imply we all have the same physical and mental challenges nor do we share the same needs for help and assistance. However, I also feel very strongly that there are certain attributes which can be cultivated which can make living with a disability easier.   


When I came home from the rehabilitation hospital and my physical health improved I became desperate to regain some control over my life. In addition to the…


Added by Rich Fabend on March 22, 2012 at 21:45 — 2 Comments

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