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Six Head Support Products for Disabled children

New on Sensory Play Tray blog: Six Neck and Head Support Options for your Child.

We look at six products that may help children with hypotonia or poor head support.


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How Does Stephen Hawking Talk?

New post on my communication aids blog about the film MND and Stephen's speech set up.


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Festival Warm Up Trabasack March Newsletter

Festival Warm Up - March Newsletter

Trabasack March Newsletter - All the best from our blogs and websites

Trabasack Newsletter 

March 2014


It’s been another busy month at Trabasack HQ. We’ve been organising ourselves…

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Crafty February News From Trabasack


Trabasack February Newsletter - All the best from our blogs and websites

Trabasack Newsletter 

February 2014

The latest innovations and news in healthcare

February maybe the month of love but at Trabasack HQ it’s been the month of craft. With kids’…

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How will Google Glass Help Disabled People?

Google Glass is a game changing technology that we will look back to and wonder how we did without it, like we do with mobile phones and WiFi!

New developments design for mainstream usage are in fact becoming more inclusive and giving more options for people living with disabilities. Google Glass is one such piece of equipment.

What is Google Glass?…


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Trabasack October - including Tips for Life in Bed, Handsteady Drinking Aid and Low Cost AAC apps

Trabasack October Newsletter - All the best from our blogs and websites…

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Work and Play on the Go, Trabasack Max Briefcase showcased at the Mobility Roadshow


Trabasack launch the new, luxury Max lap tray bag at the Mobility Roadshow 2013
Trabasack launch the new, luxury Max lap tray bag at the Mobility Roadshow 2013…

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Electronic RADAR Key

The RADAR key is getting a relaunch this year. Mostly because of the number of fake keys about. The details of the new key are secret so far but I wondered about the opportunities to make them easier to use?

The big keys are heavy and can be difficult to turn. A much better system would be some sort of almost ‘contactless’ electronic key fob. Or maybe a card like the oyster card. It is an opportunity to improve the current system and it will be…


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Inclusive Designs from 'Equ4L' at the 2013 Annual Naidex National Exhibition

After celebrating their previous Naidex National Style Award, Equip-able Ltd return to the annual healthcare and disability exhibition with the launch of their new boutique-style healthcare store: Equ4l.com



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Flying with a Disabled Child

Came across this amazing flight chair created my MERU  that give extra support to disabled children whilst flying:

The TravelChair is a product developed by the children’s charity MERU, who campaign and work towards improving the lives of children and young adults with disabilities by designing and producing custom-made equipment that can aid independent living and support daily activities at home, at school and in the community. The TravelChair is just one product from MERU…


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Wheelchair tray reviews. What are the alternatives?

A Look at Some of Our Wheelchair Tray Competitors

And Why Our Product is the Best on the Market

As a wheelchair user, it makes perfect sense that you want tray access from the comfort of your chair, so you don't have to worry about transferring to other seating whilst out and about or just for ease of use. There have been a range of…


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One Handed Gaming Controller - Orthos

One Handed Gaming Controller

A new gaming controller with a small joystick at the bottom. By pushing against a flat …


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Trabasasck Launches New Media Mount

Trabasack Launches Innovative New Media Mount






The brand new Trabasack Media Mount is a multipurpose mounting device launched this month and adds a further functionality to the original Trabasack range. The Media Mount can be positioned in many different ways to support all manner of electrical and household items from iPads and Kindles to…

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Media Mount – new Trabasack accessory

We have a new accessory for use with Trabasack Connect called the Media Mount. 

It will help with iPads, controls, plates or anything you might want to mount or carry on your lap.

We have just seen our first review, and I would like to share it. 


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Brolly Sheets - Mattress Protectors

If you have small kids or incontinence problems, you know how horrible the usual sweaty, crackly, noisy mattress protectors are! I spotted these at the KidzintheMiddle show and they are really innovative.

Recently launched in this country but created in New Zealand and are a very good design. They are absorbant, non sweaty and not noisy or uncomfortable to sleep on. The Mattress protectors look just like ordinary ones, so they are ‘inclusive…


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Some musical Apps for encouraging children with special education needs

Some ideas for musical apps for children (but also adults!)  http://sensoryplaytray.com/making-music-ipad-apps/

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Talking Tin Lids

Essential Items: Talking Tin Lids

You can use your Talking Tin Lid on any food container

If you have a visual disability, then having your kitchen set up in the right way is essential to avoid the many risks that could occur. The RNIB and other charities work tirelessly to provide gadgets and inventions which can make the kitchen a safer place and somewhere you can…


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Jeans for wheelchair users

Jeans for Wheelchair Users - a special cut and design

DisabledGear.com is one of our favourite small businesses and that is not just because they were one of the first online retailers to sell trabasack ;-)

Guy at DisabledGear.com provides a free place online for people to buy and sell 2nd hand disability equipment.… Continue

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Trabasack at Naidex South

We will be at Naidex South this week, please come and say hello. I will be on the DisabledGear.com stand C33 helping Guy and selling many trabasacks!


Here is our press release:

Trabasack and Disabledgear.com partner at NAIDEXSOUTH Stand C33

This year Trabasack, the innovative wheelchair lap tray and bag can be found exhibiting and promoting their products at Naidex South International Trade show at the London Excel Centre. Wednesday 19th Oct:10.00am -…


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Hacking a Kindle

Making an accessible Kindle: The Frankenkindle

The Amazon Kindle is one of the many pieces of kit in the market which are fantastically popular and have revolutionised one of the world’s most popular past times: reading. However, using this eBook reader can be particularly difficult if you have ataxia, a movement disorder or perhaps difficulties with your fine motor skills. So there are lots of people interested in looking for ways of making a more accessible kindle. This was the case… Continue

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