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"Breathe." A Disability Representation Analysis..

‘Breathe’ is the directorial debut of motion capture wizard and all around amazing actor Andy Serkis. As a massive fan of Serkis (and other cast members), a movie buff and a person with disabilities, I was pretty much obliged to see the film. I must report back however that the depiction of disability left me a bit disappointed. Be warned, this article contains…


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The highs and lows of public transport access from a seasoned commuter


Taken for granted

Public transport is something we all take for granted to a certain extent and, whether disabled or not, we all need methods of getting around. As a wheelchair user however, I have to look at what level of accessibility different modes of transport can offer. So what can I relate about my experiences?


"Just take the bus"

Probably the most easily identifiable method of public transport, my personal experience…


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“Don’t you wish you could walk?” – and other attitudes I’ve encountered

Coping with disability is something that every disabled person (including myself) will have to do on a daily basis. One thing all disabled people will also have to deal with throughout various points in our lives is the various attitudes that exist towards disability from an able-bodied society.


1. The easily identifiable/pitying


In terms of able-bodied attitudes (in my experience) the reaction of many able-bodied people is to immediately feel pity towards…


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