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It's Not That I Don't Want To Help Myself

It’s not that I’m being ungrateful for your suggestions, on the contrary I am touched and very grateful that you thought of me and offered support. My apparent lack of willingness to take on these suggestions comes not from not wanting to help myself but just from the fact that over the last ten years I have tried so many things, including the things you suggested and they just don’t work. The most they can offer is maybe more effective illness management. This illness takes so much away…


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Before I became ill and to an extent lost my independence I never really worried too much about what was going on around me or about other people.  Oh yes, I sponsored a child in another country and had a direct debit going to Oxfam, belonged to CND and Amnesty International, the usual, but nothing extensive.

Turning first vegetarian and then vegan first began the turn in tide for me when my eyes were opened to the state the world was in and how it was down to each one of us…


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Innovation, being the first

the bright idea, a light bulb burst

Putting ideas into action

Happy to recieve positive reaction

Prototypes, test them out,

Take them with you, out and about

Many designs don't make the grade

Despite the hours getting made

Glam up the world is our mission

And GlamSticks has received recognition

National awards and media attention

Positive reviews, too many to mention

Starting off a nationwide trend

Of others…


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Buzzing With Ideas Through The Tears

When I am feeling at my lowest, times I refer to as 'the pit' (see earlier blog post) and the pain almost becomes too much to bear, these are the times I am at my most creative and I have a flurry of ideas and outpourings.  Activity from me tends to be very much in bursts lol

Although my poetry appears depressing, it does serve a purpose, it acts as a form of cathartic release and I often feel more at peace if not less in pain after writing something.

This poem was…


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This is M.E.

This is M.E.

Exhaustion, pain and IBS

Always tired despite plenty of rest

Sleep in the day, can't sleep at night

Really feel like giving up the fight

Can't walk no more, can't exercise

All my clothes have gone up a size

Can't bear no sight can't bear no sound

Can't cope with too many people around

Memory gone, thoughts disjointed

Unreliable, friends disappointed

Depression takes hold makes me…


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