Andi Peach, 40 from Poole in Dorset, has just reached the milestone of driving 3,000 miles in less than two years on his funky TGA Vita mobility scooter which helped him rebuild his life following a massive stroke in 2008.

Andi is a lively and positive disabled individual who lives with his wife Claire, two boys and has a daughter located 12 miles away. He is able to regularly independently visit his daughter thanks to a radical, cutting-edge mobility scooter from TGA. Without this mobility scooter that is his only form of transport, Andi would have no independence as he cannot drive after his stroke and walking is difficult. Andi has lived in the local area for over 30 years and used to successfully fulfill a demanding role working for UK Mail. In 2008 and completely without warning, he experienced a huge stroke that ultimately resulted in Andi living with limited movement to the right side of his body.

Andi explains: “Having a stroke was scary and such a shock, I’m so lucky that it only affected the right side of my body. Since 2008, I have been able to get my life back on track and owning such a fantastic Vita mobility scooter in the last two years, has played a crucial part in my rehabilitation. My TGA Vita has given me the opportunity to explore so much of our beautiful Dorset countryside and not be housebound. I regularly like to visit Poole Quay and Upton Country Park as they are both so scenic. Most of the time I don’t pre-plan where I am going to drive, I just go, often completing over 26 miles per day and ending up at my daughter’s house in Boscombe. When the weather is good, I can travel around 100 miles plus a week. I have just clocked up over 3000 miles – I couldn’t believe it when I looked down at the mile-o-meter! Without my scooter, living with the effects of stroke would be so much harder to face.”

Andi continues: “I have been on so many fun adventures, however the most important change my Vita has made is giving me the ability to complete daily tasks such as shopping. I have a special mobility scooter trailer that is in constant use – from going to the shops to helping my wife collect her Avon books. My TGA Vita is my car, without it I would be completely lost. Everywhere I go I get asked about my Vita, where I got it from and how fast does it go? It deserves great praise for its dynamic, eye-catching looks that resemble more of a posh car than an old-fashioned mobility scooter – well done TGA for designing such an awesome scooter. My wife often says to me let’s go for a woodland walk and of course I jump at the chance to show off my scooter. I would strongly recommend this model to all younger people living with a disability who want something cool and sporty.”

Andi’s TGA Vita 4 is unlike any other mobility scooter in terms of technology and looks. Utilising engineering techniques from the motorcycle industry, it incorporate state of the art styling, all round suspension with a revolutionary rear mono shock absorber, high visibility long life LED head and rear lights and an advanced LCD tiller control panel. Ideal for owners looking for a less traditional looking scooter, the Vita 4 provide comfort for owners weighing up to 159kg (25 stone) and deliver a top speed of 12.8km/h (8mph).

It is the same model owned by Steve Tarrant, the high profile disabled motorsport marshal also from Poole who miraculously survived being hit by an F1 car travelling at 150mph whilst marshaling at Goodwood. In 2014 and with the support of TGA, Steve is aiming to smash the current world record for the fastest time ever from John O’Groats to Land’s End travelling by mobility scooter.


Picture caption: Andi Peach, 40 from Poole in Dorset, has just reached the milestone of driving 3,000 miles on his funky TGA Vita mobility scooter which helped him rebuild his life following a massive stroke in 2008.

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