For those who don’t know yet, the Blackwood Foundation was present at the Kidz Scotland event that took place in the Royal Highland Centre in Ingliston last Thursday.


The event was, in the words of the organisers, “One of the largest, FREE UK exhibitions dedicated to children and young adults with disabilities and special needs, their families and the professionals who work with them”.

There was plenty there to see on the day, and with the exception of one or two technical glitches (which were duly smoothed out), the whole day was a success for us. We got a chance to promote bespoken and signed up loads of new members.


We were delighted to make the acquaintance of a number of people and great organisations. Equally it was a treat to catch up with some old friends, namely the team from Capr-Style who were also exhibiting.

There was plenty to see of course. Personally I was particularly grabbed by Soundbeam. It’s an electronic tool which is for making music in a slightly unconventional fashion. Not unlike the Skoog in principal although the workings are very different. See the video below.


Elsewhere the Roamer, although I’d seen it before, impressed me.


The Blackwood Foundation were at stand A26 where a small group of us was telling people about bespoken and inviting people to join our community. Maybe you were one of them.

If you were at Kidz Scotland last Thursday, why not tell us about your experience of it. What caught your attention?

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