8 Top Tips For Taking Your Mobility Scooter Abroad

8 Top Tips For Taking Your Mobility Scooter Abroad:


1  Make sure everything is in full working order before you go. Organise a maintenance check if possible to negate the risk of problems whilst you're away.

2  Ensure your battery is fully charged and take your charger with you.

3  Know the weight of your mobility scooter. A TGA Minimo is 24kgs without battery and 26.65 with the Li-ion battery.

4  A handy tip is to attach a tag to your scooter with the measurements and weight, so they are easy to access when you get asked.

5  Take a print out of the folding instructions for baggage handlers.

6  Check with the airline the type of batteries they allow on board. There is some information about the safety of your battery on a plane included in your manual. It may be worth photocopying this or taking your manual with you.

7  Attach a sticker to your mobility scooter stating the batteries you have.

8  Check your mobility scooters charge specifications and whether the charger takes 110volts and 60Hz. If not you will need a voltage converter, which you can get from any electronic equipment shop. Check with your supplier to see if they recommend any particular option.



Summer is just around the corner. If you have limited mobility, and can't wait to get out and about, either in the UK or abroad, then the TGA Minimo mobility scooter is a great choice for hassle-free mobility.


The award-winning Minimo is the world's first folding mobility scooter that combines advanced transportability with luxurious comfort.


Here are some frequently asked questions about travelling with a mobility scooter and a selection of top tips for taking your mobility scooter abroad.


Can I take the TGA Minimo with me when I need to take the car?


Absolutely. The Minimo is lightweight and simple to fold. It is lightweight, compact and folds in seconds, so it is perfect to take with you wherever you are going. If you are looking to drive your car to the shops, visit a town, go sightseeing, explore scenic gardens or view a stately home it's so nice to have your own scooter with you and avoid the cost of hiring scooters or the hassle of manual wheelchairs.


The Minimo is designed to fold in a single movement without any parts to dismantle and comfortably fits into a standard car boot. It's lightweight design means that lifting it in and out of the boot is strain free and with a revolutionary lightweight battery that you can literally pick up with one finger, it makes the whole process of getting the scooter in and out of the car hassle-free.


I'm going to London. Can my Minimo go in a black cab?

Yes. Every licensed black cab is London is wheelchair accessible and equipped with ramps.


Can I Take My Minimo On Public Transport?

Yes. The Minimo meets the requirements for scooters that are allowed on most buses, trams and trains. Its small turning circle and compact chassis make this possible.


Can I Take My Minimo on an Aeroplane?

Yes. Your Minimo can make holidays so much easier even before you leave the runway. Countless owners use their Minimo to negotiate busy airports without the need for long walks or standing in queues. When a Minimo needs to be stowed onboard an aircraft, it can be folded with one hand and then easily manoeuvred into position. It also has an optional and handy TGA travel bag to ensure it stays in tip-top condition.


Summer is just around the corner. Make sure you enjoy your travels on your terms.


TGA is a family business that prides itself on its quality products and high standards of customer service. We've been in the mobility business for more than 25 years and have an established reputation for innovation and durability. All our products comply with stringent Government regulations and are tested by our engineers for quality, reliability and safety.

We believe you wont find better anywhere else and with our range of options and accessories there are literally hundreds of different ways to make sure you get the perfect solution to fit your lifestyle.

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