89-Year-Old Retired Eddie Raises Funds for Orphanage On Ibex Mobility Scooter

Eddie Porter, aged 89 and retired farmer from Great Eccleston, has purchased a funky new TGA mobility scooter so he can continue selling ‘Pilling Potatoes’ to raise money for a Ugandan orphanage.

Eddie was originally from County Tyrone in Ireland and before retirement was successful in several careers including dairy farming, building and biscuit making.

He met his wife Margaret when he managed a farm in Out Rawcliffe and since retiring they have both kept busy with various activities including selling potatoes.

The Porters are friends with a bishop called Patrick from Africa who has visited their church several times. Patrick built and manages a Ugandan orphanage which depends on donations from supporters such as Eddie and Margaret.

Due to walking difficulties Eddie needed a way to continue selling his potatoes around the village which led to purchase of a TGA Ibex mobility scooter. Eddie can now continue delivering his 3lb and 5lb bags of Pilling potatoes to all Great Eccleston locals and visitors.

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