Another 10 Organisations We’ll Meet at Naidex

Following on last week's blog; 10 Organisations We'll Meet at Naidex, we have for you 10 more companies we will catch up with at Naidex (28th-30th April). This is your chance to ask the experts. We will be using your questions so if there’s anything you want to know, ask away by replying to this blog post.


Terry Lifts

A company that manufactures and fits platform and through floor lifts in homes to enable people to be more independent at home. 

RGK Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs which can be customised to suit each individual. Chairs in their TIGA range are designed to be lightweight and portable. The ‘SMARTDRIVE’ system is a wheel that attaches to the back of any manual chair and enables a cruise contoll function so that all the user has to do is steer. RGK Wheelchairs also manufacture a range of sports wheelchairs suitable for wheelchair basketball.

Embody Dance

A company that organises dance classes for people with a range of disabilities across the Midlands.



Designers and manufacturers of the ‘Dragon’ power chair and children’s equivalent the ’SnapDragon’. These have an innovative design and are completely height adjustable enabling the use to  go from the floor to eye level in a matter of moments.

Da Vinci Mobility

Custom built manual wheelchairs to suit the individual. Additionally, Da Vinci Mobility supply a wide range of handcycles that connect to wheelchairs to allow users to get around easier.


ITS Design

At Naidex exhibiting their bedside monitor which can be configured to detect seizures or sounds of stress. The Alarm Badge is a handy badge which acts as a panic alarm. It senses a fall without being pressed. Finally, the Blue Light Bed is a bed that when evacuated emits a blue light to guide the user safely back to bed. 

Langham GE

A company providing daily living aids such as furniture raisers, bathing aids and toileting aids.



Demonstrating their new 360º turn, mobility vehicle. Available as either a standing or sitting version.



A company providing a range of disability aids such as custom built orthotics, prosthetics and powered wheel chairs.


Daily Care

A range of bathroom aids. Toileting aids, bathing aids and showering aids.

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Comment by Ailsa June MacLean on April 24, 2015 at 10:26

Can I ask if anyone who designs power wheelchairs has managed to tackle the 'joystick' problem? i.e. how dangerous the position of the joystick is as it can be easily knocked thus causing the user to crash into things. I have had several accidents due to the positioning of the joystick, e.g. people around me have caught the joystick on their handbag, or an item of lose clothing or even leaning over me to reach a shelf.

I also find it very difficult to drive backwards in a straight line when coming down a taxi ramp. The joystick control seems to be so sensitive that the slightest movement can send the chair off in the wrong direction.

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