If you live with restricted mobility and find walking tricky or even painful, a quality and reliable mobility scooter can change your life. Practically, it can give you independence to visit the local shops, friends or even go on holiday. Whereas from a well-being point of view, you can benefit from fresh air, experiencing the outdoors and accessing local amenities. Being able to go out on your own without the need for support from friends or loved ones is a priceless feeling. This is where a scooter makes such a difference. Some people may need to be pushed in a wheelchair or be unsteady when walking, so why risk extra stresses and strains when a battery-powered scooter can take away all the hassle?

There is a vast range of mobility scooters out there to choose from these days, however it is important to select the right model for you and your lifestyle. This is where asking a trusted mobility scooter specialist for advice is essential before buying. TGA are one such name you can rely on, as they have a proven 30-year track record and supply the nation’s favourite scooter, the Breeze.

There are several models in the TGA Breeze range so your personal mobility needs will be met. An 8mph Breeze S4 has four wheels for brilliant stability and its three-wheel sister model, the Breeze S3, is great for advanced manoeuvrability. Both come with lots of features for total comfort and a smooth ride including active suspension, orthopaedic seat and pneumatic tyres. These larger scooters with extra power, battery range and traction allow you to travel off-road on countryside adventures or along scenic coastal paths – as chosen by some members of the Disabled Ramblers Association. The build quality is exceptional so reliability is high – very important when out and about as poor quality models from some other companies may break down leaving you in a tricky spot. No such worries with the Breeze!

If you are looking for even more performance, TGA also offer a S4 GT version with wider rear wheels for extra grip and heavy-duty batteries, good for up to 30 miles on one charge. It is even available with a golf bag attachment and fairway friendly tyres, so golfers can drive from home and straight onto the course, without the need to transfer to a buggy. The Breeze range continues with the ‘Max’ model – perfect for the larger rider with a mighty weight capacity of 39 stone. It has strengthened suspension, extra torque and a wider, fully adjustable seat. If you are worried that the weather could get in the way of your independence, then TGA also have an answer for that – a ‘BMW styled’, hard top canopy with windscreen or a complete clear vinyl version.

Some people may prefer a more compact scooter than the 8mph Breeze S3 or S4, that’s fine, as TGA also make Midi three and four-wheel models. The Breeze Midi 3 and 4 continue with all the amazing features of their big brothers but have a smaller chassis and wheels so driving around shops or smaller spaces are easier. They still include clever energy absorbing bumpers for added safety and their LCD control display is easy to understand. With an 8mph top speed and active suspension, the Midi Breeze models from TGA give you the best of both worlds.

Tel: 01787 882244
Email: sales@tgamobility.co.uk

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