Case Study: 12-year-old Beth Uses R82’s Mustang to Support Gait Development

Beth who lives with Cerebral Palsy, has recently begun using R82’s Mustang – an anterior/posterior gait trainer which allows a growing child to develop stepping and walking skills and achieve proper positioning

The Mustang is designed to assist gait in a wide range of abilities and is particularly suitable for children with Cerebral PalsyOffering flexibility and ease of use, it is highly adaptable to cater for a child’s changing needs as they grow. The
anterior position is ideal for users unable to fully weight bear on their feet, or if motor skills are reduced and the user needs support around the trunk and pelvis. The posterior position can be used for those children who have improved gait
development, more advanced trunk stability and who are capable of bearing their full weight.

Read the full case study here:

Find out more about R82 UK paediatric products here:

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