Despite living with Multiple Sclerosis, Brenda Escreet, 66 from Lancashire continues to attend numerous music festivals and gigs, support several charities and have ‘biking’ freedom outdoors thanks to her TGA Supersport mobility scooter.

Brenda was originally born in Lancashire and after a period living in London now lives back in her native county. Her village of Crag Bank is situated near Morecambe and is surrounded by picturesque yet rugged countryside that she can access thanks to a TGA Supersport. This model of mobility scooter is chosen by many members of the national Disabled Ramblers for its proven power and ability in tackling off road terrain and challenging tracks. Designed to reflect the characteristics of a motorcycle, the TGA Supersport does not resemble a traditional looking mobility scooter and is renowned for its rugged performance.

Brenda lives life to the full and does not let her condition hold her back. Her achievements range from charity work, rambling, writing poetry and attending festivals such as WOMAD (World of Music and Dance). She is patron of ‘Partners in Education Swaziland’, has completed charity work in Africa and has four children and seven grandchildren. This year she attended her 27th WOMAD festival in Gloucestershire on her TGA Supersport, which provides essential independence as Brenda’s MS severely limits walking and general mobility.

Brenda comments: “For the third year running, TGA Supersport, my husband Malcolm and I attended the WOMAD festival along with around 35,000 other people. It is such an inclusive event, I cannot complement the organisers more for the levels of accessibility they provide throughout the festival. We used to run a charity stall at WOMAD every year however as my condition has progressed, we now go along and spend time solely enjoying the music and atmosphere. My TGA Supersport attracted as much interest as some of the performers and people from all over the world admired it and ‘had a go’ on this wonder machine. We live in Crag Bank, a tiny village on the edge of Morecambe Bay and my Supersport gets me into Carnforth to do the shopping or down to Morecambe to see friends, with its 30-mile range, it makes off road or distance achievable. I have MS and buying a Supersport has given me back a large piece of my independence. Disabled and non-disabled people see the Supersport and experience instant scooter envy!’

Brenda continued: “We can go out together, Malcolm on his beloved bicycle and me on my Supersport. Our grandchildren, eldest son and his wife have all travelled in convoy from their home in Bassenthwaite across the fields and down to the lake. The grounds of Chatsworth and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park present no problems – I sometimes think I manage to do more than before I was diagnosed with MS thanks to my TGA Supersport!”

Before the affects of MS became apparent, Brenda was a keen motorcyclist, however the Supersport is now her chosen mode of transport that continues to deliver independence on a daily basis.

Brenda concludes: “I am a member of the wonderful Neuro Drop In Centre in Lancaster that caters for people with a range of neurological conditions. My Supersport will be available during the Autumn (date to be announced) for centre users to familiarise themselves with it. I believe every person with a disability should experience the level of freedom a TGA Supersport provides. This scooter is magnificent in terms of its robustness, power and stability, new users may even find a greater sense of independence than before their mobility became restricted!”

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