Disabled Jay Regains Independence on TGA Vita Midi Following Theft of Previous Mobility Scooter

Jay Adewale, 46 from London and who lives with a muscle wasting condition, has regained his independence on a Vita Midi at TGA Mobility’s safe scoot driving day, following the theft of his previous mobility scooter.

Jay from north west London is one such individual who lives with a neurological disability that results in his muscles becoming weaker over time. He also has to live with symptoms similar to extreme Rheumatoid Arthritis so walking unaided is impossible. 

Putting weight on his legs causes Jay a lot of pain, hence he purchased another brand of mobility scooter a while ago. However, this scooter was recently stolen from outside of his home and left him with ‘no legs’. Without insurance, he needed to quickly find a scooter that he could afford and ideally one that was more in-keeping with his age – a cutting edge TGA Vita Midi was the answer. The Vita looks more like a modern motorbike with streamlined body moulding, LED lights, bucket seat and revolutionary suspension.

Jay explains: "Having my scooter stolen had been a real nightmare but without this happening I would never have discovered the TGA Vita Midi. It is totally different to old-fashioned scooters that can look like a red box on wheels, wow, it is real header turner. As soon as I saw it I had to have it." Read more.....

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