Edinburgh airport remain cutting-edge with service offering for disabled passengers with purchase of innovative wheelAIRs

Following a successful summer trial, Edinburgh Airport have purchased wheelAIR cooling backrest cushions from Edinburgh-based mobility dealer FastAid Products for customers with wheelchairs to use whilst in the airport.


Working with OmniServ, the UK’s leading airline and airport assistance services provider, Edinburgh Airport are committed to improving the experience for passengers requiring special assistance.


Feedback from the trial revealed that passengers found the wheelAIR to significantly improve their airport experience because of the extra comfort provided.


“Listening to passenger’s feedback is very important to us at OmniServ,” commented Tracey Scott, Training and HR Advisor, “and the feedback from the wheelAIR trial certainly exceeded expectations. It is clear that this product is going to be life-changing for so many wheelchair users.


In fact, one person enjoyed using the wheelAIR so much that they took it from the airport… without our permission I might add!”


OmniServ are a forward-thinking travel operator committed to finding the newest technologies to deliver outstanding service to their customers. At Edinburgh Airport, they accommodate for up to 350 disabled passengers per day and sometimes up to 10 per flight.  


The service provider already works with well-known disability charity Whizz Kids to make a real and lasting difference to disabled people’s experience of travel.


Being the first airport to purchase the wheelAIR, OmniServ and Edinburgh Airport remain cutting-edge in their service offering for disabled passengers.


The wheelAIR was designed in Scotland by Corien Staels in 2015. Using inbuilt fan technology, it cools the back and reduces the user’s core temperature by taking away excess heat and moisture. This allows for instant comfort and better temperature control. The cushion also offers extra support through a unique blend of carefully selected foams. The cushion is retailed in Scotland by FastAid Products, part of the John Preston Group.


wheelAIR brand ambassador Michael Kerr has travelled through Edinburgh Airport often due to his former career as a professional wheelchair rugby player. He said: “I have always found Edinburgh Airport to be very accommodating and offering the wheelAIR would seem the next natural step to improve their customer service for wheelchair users.”


Corien Staels, Managing Director of wheelAIR, commented: “We have embraced the opportunity to work with Fast Aid, Edinburgh Airport and OnmiServ on this project. We want to keep the conversation on accessible travel active, as well as make sure wheelchair using passengers have the most comfortable airport experience possible.


We look forward to helping other airports and solution providers follow their lead.”  

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