Emma (82) and Disabled Husband Wally (93) Continue Passion for Outdoors with TGA Mobility Scooters

Emma Wateridge aged 82 and disabled husband Wally aged 93 from Hampshire, have regained their ability to enjoy the outdoors thanks to a pair of new Breeze S4 mobility scooters.

Before taking retirement, Emma was a Professional/public sector Dog Handler in Yorkshire and Wally directed a decorating and general building company in the Southampton area. They met in 2004 and were married in a matter of months as they instantly got on ‘like a house on fire’. Emma’s moved down south and they both now live happily together in Blackfield near Southampton; Wally is Emma’s fourth husband. Wally is unable to walk as he has major back problems and a fused spine following an injury at work. These difficulties do not stop the pair smiling and joking though especially as they have just discovered the luxurious way to remain independent –ownership of two matching TGA scooters which they call their ‘Rolls Royces’.

Emma and Wally’s TGA Breeze models are famous across the UK as they appeared on the BBC TV programme Top Gear where they won the extreme mobility scooter challenge. The Breeze is a robust yet stylish 8mph scooter that is renowned for stability, reliability and assured off-road performance.

Emma explains: “When I took retirement at 60 I went to live in Spain and Portugal for 11 years however the time came to look for my fourth husband. When I travelled to meet Wally for the first time I ended up staying for two weeks. He said it was a long way to travel just for one kiss. Since we have been together life has been such fun, we love going out together. This is now only possible thanks to our TGA scooters, they ride like a dream. We park up outside the post office or the supermarket and blow me if there isn’t regularly a crowd of people outside admiring them! When we first both rode a TGA Breeze we couldn’t believe the comfort, you can’t feel any bumps or bangs, I went for a wider seat on mine as I like a comfy bum!”

Emma continues: “We’d seen a Breeze whizzing around our area a few times and thought it looked smashing. They are like Rolls Royces, so smooth and much better than our old scooters that had solid tyres and were too small. The best part of owning a pair of scooters is that we can walk our two dogs together. My 12-year-old Portuguese Podengo called Kiki trots alongside on a lead and my Cairn Terrier puppy named Zoey sits on the floor-well. I have made a harness for her out of nylon and thread so she is safe when riding along. It’s so easy to make a harness out of webbing and two hooks, I reckon all scooter and dog owners should try it. When we reach the playing fields I let them both off to run around. Driving together in the countryside is the best, Wally is in hospital at present but when he is fighting fit again, we will be outdoor enjoying the countryside once more, side-by-side.”

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