David Moss, 70 from Cirencester, is a retired, international sales and marketing specialist who despite having five separate hip replacements and living with restricted mobility, has been able to continue his passion for growing fruit and vegetables thanks to a remarkable TGA mobility scooter.

Following the completion of an engineering apprenticeship at The Austin Motor Company, David’s career began in the road haulage industry and concluded in airport sales and marketing. These roles resulted in him travelling around the world and working in Malaysia for eight years, which he thoroughly enjoyed and has resulted in the country’s flag flying proudly over his allotment. During this time David was diagnosed with requiring a hip replacement and subsequently has undergone five operations which have resulted in him having some walking mobility, but limited to less than half a mile. When returning to live in the UK in 2008, David was not able to easily access his local allotment site as it was over a mile away and he was desperate to spend more time growing crops. Therefore he decided that a TGA Breeze 4 mobility scooter with off road capabilities, similar to the model that won the BBC Top Gear extreme challenge in 2012, would be the answer and so set to work purchasing one and then adapting it to carry his gardening equipment.

David explained: “I’ve had my allotment for four years and it now covers a third of an acre on which we grow almost anything we want including all forms of beans, brassicas, courgettes, tomatoes, carrot, beetroot and parsnips. We also have recently added a large caged fruit area and anticipating longevity, we’re currently laying down an area to asparagus - it is an ardent chef’s dream. One of our sheds has probably more cooking equipment than the average kitchen and I am able to access all of this easily on my manoeuvrable TGA Breeze. To enable me to carry essentials to the allotment I only had to add a bracket to support my strimmer, whilst the floor well easily carries my toolkit/water carriers and the baskets are packed with other things such as seeds, small tools and bottles of wine and food. In my own mind the allotment is my ‘Kampong’ which is Malaysian for ‘village of birth’ and thanks to the rugged and robust performance of my Breeze scooter, I can spend as much time as I like tending the land.”

David continued: “Accidently my TGA Breeze acquired a Royal Air Force tail number when a friend suggested it went like ‘lightning’. It does indeed have fantastic performance and reliability; therefore it now bears the tail number of one of the fastest interception aircraft the RAF ever flew! I choose the 8mph Breeze 4 because, having previously owned a lower quality machine, I wanted a more durable and off road capable scooter. I also use it extensively in town and it is a regular feature in our local supermarket where the security guard calls it my ‘BMW’. We have occasionally thought of using my structural design ability to add a platform to the rear of the Breeze, which would enable a weary wife to travel home from the allotment in Boadicea type comfort although I’m not sure TGA would exactly approve. So there you have it - Kampong Boy and his reliance on a superb mobility product backed by wonderful manufacturer support from TGA!”

TGA Breeze mobility scooters deliver carefree independence across the UK for countless individuals like David with interesting and rewarding jobs and hobbies. From 83-year-old farmer Robert Maund, who still runs his dairy farm through to Julie Thomson with MS who competes in dog agility thanks to a TGA Breeze, all owners are testament to the versatility and reliability of this award-winning scooter.

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concluded: “The TGA team and I are always delighted to hear about the diverse range of hobbies and interests our mobility scooters open up to individuals living with restricted mobility. Peace of mind and trusting the scooter you own is especially important in terms of capability, performance and range when driving off road and the Breeze delivers on all levels.”


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