Came across this amazing flight chair created my MERU  that give extra support to disabled children whilst flying:

The TravelChair is a product developed by the children’s charity MERU, who campaign and work towards improving the lives of children and young adults with disabilities by designing and producing custom-made equipment that can aid independent living and support daily activities at home, at school and in the community. The TravelChair is just one product from MERU and it’s a development which could make a huge change to air travel for children with disabilities, making it both more accessible and more enjoyable.

At present, very few children with disabilities in the UK have had the opportunity to travel abroad due to what MERU describe as ‘perceived limited options of additional support in the chair when travelling on planes’. To combat this problem, MERU have developed and created the one-of-a-kind chair for supporting children with disabilities during a flight. The TravelChair fits easily into a standard airline seat and in the past few years, MERU say it has meant over 1,000 children with severe disabilities have been able to experience the holidays of a lifetime. The TravelChair (formerly known as the AirChair) is currently available on Virgin Atlantic and Monarch Airways flights and was developed with advice and input from parents of children with disabilities, airlines themselves and also the Civil Aviation Authority.

For more info click here flight chair for disabled child

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Comment by Linda Jane McLean on October 5, 2012 at 16:52


There used to be a Carry on sling which was great for adults, but I have not seen recently. 

Another fact that might be of interest is that the last time I flew with a wheelchair occupant, there were thirty nine other wheelchairs on the plane- all belonging to kids going to Florida and Disneyland.

The Airline was the only one worth travelling with if you have a disability: Virgin.

I say this after accompanying a passenger with a sever disability on thirty flights.

For those that have bad experiences of airlines, it could have some effect if the experience was written up and posted on a disability site. Then people will understand the obstacles. 

As in the article below, which I merely edited. This is the story from the disabled person's viewpoint.

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