Game of Thrones Character finally gets wheelchair! Our review...

Okay so maybe you aren’t remotely interested in the hit HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’ but bear with me.


Quick back story with only minimal spoilers*

In the very first episode we saw the young character of Bran Stark fall from a tower. The resulting fall left him paralysed and for several past seasons in this pseudo medieval fantasy world he was alternatively carried by someone or dragged along in a makeshift sledge. Not ideal.

No more however. It only took 7 seasons but Bran Stark has a wheelchair! So purely by looking at it, what can we tell about this personal mobility equipment?


1)     Well it’s an improvement on previous solutions. But how well does it actually move?

Sure, Bran is no longer reliant on a man servant to physically lift him for every little thing. That helps. But it looks pretty clunky and heavy, especially considering it’s a manual wheelchair for a scrawny young boy. They have dragons, magic and an army of the dead, but a self-moving chair? Now that’s fantasy. Personally I wouldn’t fancy wheeling that think around for long.


2)     Suspension?

Admittedly you can’t tell very easily but that doesn’t look like it has any suspension whatsoever. Bran is going to get some terrible sores if that’s the case.


3)     Adjustable backrest?

Well it would be manual of course, but it would be good if Bran could shift the distribution of his weight a little more. Again, sores.


4)     Grip?

We haven’t actually seen Bran move independently in his new wheelchair so I’m wondering if it’s doable. He has been seen being pushed around in his chair but if he still needs help to move at all even in his chair, was it an improvement?


5)     Ramps.

Let’s assume for a minute then that the big, heavy immovable wheelchair is actually flawless in its design. His home castle of Winterfell is going to be the other 50% of the battle. An ancient stone fortress filled with staircases, steps and a conspicuous absence of ramps and lifts. Alright lifts may be slightly tricky to deliver in this context (I’m sure something could be worked out) but they are going to have to put in some serious adaptations if disabled access is going to make any significant strides in Westeros.


What have I missed out?

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Comment by Paul Richoux on August 21, 2017 at 15:17

Hi Robert,

Ah well I haven't watched the latest episode yet but you've clearly been doing a thorough accessibility assessment.

I just thought it was interesting as it's a show where there are several characters who have a disability but this was a rare instance of an adaptation or solution being shown. Aside from all the major drama happening in Westeros I like to think they have a Winterfell access panel... possibly. 

Comment by Robert Stump on August 18, 2017 at 20:18

Shoveling throughout Winterfell looked very thorough and while he was being pushed along at the lower level this last episode, the pathway was very smooth with no visible ruts and shoveled/salted at least 24 inches wide.  Kudos to the grounds maintenance! However, let's be careful with the language because this cripple would love to have a Valerian-steel blade attached to my leg rest!

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