Got a bright idea? Join us at the Mobility Roadshow's Design Zone 2013

An ingenious silicon cover that adapts to a variety of drinking glasses to prevent spillage while allowing drinking through a straw was voted most desirable product by visitors to last year’s Mobility Roadshow. Called Safesip, it is affordable and simple to use and provides a dignified solution for a disabled user and people with limited grasp, even when lying down, as well as being ideal for children

The runner-up by just one vote was Wheelchair Grippers, silicone grips that cover the push rim of a manual wheelchair to give the user more grip and purchase when manoeuvring. They can help users with less hand strength to use a manual wheelchair and were invented by Paul Lawson, whose wife Diana uses a manual wheelchair, after he witnessed her struggling to propel the chair.

Since that time, both products have taken the next steps towards mass production. Is 2013 the year YOUR idea or prototype takes centre stage?

If you have a great idea for a product that could help people with limited mobility, why not bring it along to the Design Zone at this year’s Mobility Roadshow for invaluable feedback from the very people you are seeking to help: our audience of thousands of consumers from all over the UK – and abroad – will be more than willing to give you their views on your ideas, whille experts will be able to help and advise on next steps to transforming an idea into a product.

To get involved, e-mail Hayley Philippault with the details.

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