icook is a cooking aid for young adults (16-25) with mild to moderate learning difficulties that encourages them to prepare healthy meals independently. Cooking is a life skills; without this skill people with learning difficulties can rely heavily on carers for support. 

The product breaks the process of cooking into very simple stages that support the user throughout the whole experience of cooking a meal, from preparing the ingredients, to washing the dishes. icook has many features that enable the user to be more independent, such as symbols and images to support text instructions for those that struggle reading, audio instructions, warnings for hazards and timings for cooking. 

The interactive board is used for preparing the ingredients. The user will be instructed to use a certain coloured chopping board for the food group they are preparing. The interactive board detects the colour and lights up the colour of the board. It has built in weighing scales for weighing ingredients. 

The product is intended to support the user as much as possible. Initially users would need supervising to ensure they have the necessary skills to perform tasks safely. The product can help any user live more independently.

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