Lincolnshire Keith breezes to 3,000 miles on TGA mobility scooter

Keith Forman, 55 from Lincoln, is a remarkable character that despite living with severe disability, completed 3,000 miles on his TGA Breeze mobility scooter this New Year by travelling around Lincolnshire during 2012.

Keith has lived locally for over 30 years and has been disabled since the age of 11 due to the effects of having a brain tumour removed. Following a lengthy stay in a Sheffield hospital he returned to Tetney to rebuild his life with his parents and Brother. However in 1979 Keith discovered that part of the original tumour had not been removed and had to undergo surgery again which eventually proved successful. Now stable but living with severely restricted mobility and paralysis on one side of his body, Keith uses a TGA Breeze S3 mobility scooter to remain mobile outside of his home thanks to the Motability leasing scheme. Motability continues to grow in popularity across the UK as it allows individuals to simply turning part, or all, of their Disability Living Allowance into the TGA mobility scooter of choice.

Even though Keith’s mobility issues unfortunately prevented him from entering employment, he was determined to support society through volunteering for local organisations such as Lincolnshire Dial-a-Ride and assisting with Shop Mobility. Keith was the Dial-a-Ride Vice Chair for several years until his disability became more restrictive, however he still remains a member of the committee and passionately dedicated to assisting individuals with mobility issues. He has been a keen photographer for over 20 years and regularly captures picturesque and interesting scenes from Lincolnshire whilst travelling on his mobility scooter.

The Breeze S3 mobility scooter Keith proudly rides most days around Lincolnshire is the second TGA model he has owned. Since taking delivery of it 12 months from Eden Mobility, he has accrued an impressive 3,000 miles navigating the lanes and by-ways of the local county with a focus on the scenic waterscapes north west of Lincoln. Keith explains: “I take great delight in exploring the local area and you can discover me most days in the middle of a cross country expedition on my TGA Breeze mobility scooter. I have learnt fantastic map reading skills over the past 12 months and couldn’t believe my mile-o-meter when I looked down and saw I had travelled over 3,000 miles! Despite my disability becoming more pronounced each year, I am absolutely determined to continue with my adventures for as long as possible and plan to increase my daily mileage even further. If you find yourself in a similar situation to me in terms of health problems and I really hope you don’t, I firstly would say never lose faith in your own abilities and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything!”

Keith continues: “My TGA Breeze is such a robust piece of kit and has never let me down once during these 3,000 miles which is so important as I regularly travel up to 20 miles from my home. The great feature about the Breeze is its impressive range on one single battery charge, which give me peace of mind when I am in the middle of nowhere. It is fantastic to know I can travel up to 30 miles without any problems when using heavy-duty batteries. As I only have movement on one side, my Breeze was specially adapted so that the left hand controls could be used on their own to operate the scooter safely. Hence, my Breeze has not only been my saviour for practical necessities such as shopping etc., but my gateway to so many fun things in life which would have otherwise be barred from me.”

The Breeze brand from TGA has an established and respected reputation for providing exceptional reliability, comfort and build quality. Both the latest three and four-wheel 12km/h (8mph) Breeze S3 and S4 models continue this superb heritage with the additional of several new features. The rear transaxle motor delivers all the power and performance expected from a TGA model that was clearly demonstrated during its appearance on the 2012 BBC Top Gear extreme mobility scooter challenge.

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