Local Golden Wheelchair Racer to Inspire Telford Visitors

Deborah Brennan Johnson star appearance at Mobility Roadshow, Telford International Centre on Saturday 29 June June 14 2013.

Telford’s world champion and Paralympian wheelchair racer will be visiting the Mobility Roadshow to share her experiences and inspire others to keep active to remain as fit and healthy as possible.

Having won silver and gold in World Championships, gold (a world record) and bronze at the Sydney Paralympics in 2000 and silver and bronze at Athens Paralympics in 2004, Deborah has now retired from her racing career and is now dedicated to passing on her knowledge and training others at the local club she and father Keith run at Randlay.

“I loved my racing life and if I can pass on to young people even a tiny part of enthusiasm for the sport I will be delighted,” said Deborah. “I am really looking forward to meeting people from all over the UK at my day at the Mobility Roadshow. Keeping fit is so vital to the general wellbeing of everyone, especially people less able for whom it is not always easy.”

Deborah says she is so impressed that this is such an interactive event, with the opportunity to try out all the latest scooters and chairs, bikes and trikes, gadgets and gizmos and fitness equipment for everyday use, as well as lots of games and activities to join in the show’s Sports Arena. “It will be great to meet other Paralympians there: cyclist Rik Waddon and members of the men’s and women’s GB Wheelchair Basketball Teams – and see if I can race them to the goals.”

The Mobility Roadshow 2013 is celebrating 30 years since first launched and is taking place in Telford for the first time. Thousands of people visit this popular consumer event every year to explore the vast showcase of the latest innovation and services to aid an independent lifestyle.

Register at www.mobilityroadshow.co.uk for free tickets, test drives and to keep abreast of news as it unfolds. Follow Facebook and Twitter @MobilityRdShow #mobilityroadshow

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