Meet The Get Going Live! Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) - Haydn Jenkins

I have attended Get Going Live! as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) for the last two years and I’m looking forward to taking part at Silverstone this year when the event takes place alongside The Mobility Roadshow. I think of myself as a Specialist Driving Consultant having taught people with special needs to drive for over twenty years. Based in Shrewsbury, I only teach in automatic vehicles and have adaptations for people with physical disability. 

Just after qualifying as an ADI, a work related spinal problem worsened resulting in major surgery. I was left with chronic pain and a weakness on my left-side which affected my mobility and requires me to walk with two Fisher sticks. At some point in the future, I will need to use a wheelchair. I am also Dyslexic. My personal experience has given me an empathy for people with restricted mobility as well as my SEN clients. Most importantly, I find helping people who live with disability learn to drive or return to driving very rewarding.

I currently drive an automatic for which I have secondary controls such as a lollipop grip if I’m having a “bad” day. I have had further adaptations fitted for use with clients such as hand controls, left foot accelerator and parking brake adaptations amongst others. Probably about 60% of my clients have specific physical requirements and vehicle tuition mainly involves rehabilitation and adaptation familiarisation. Another 20% are SEN clients. I find my work very rewarding and know when I get home that I have made a difference, not just to the driver but also to their family and carers. Read more....

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