Mobility Roadshow Hosts Age UK & Forum Of Mobility Centres Conference & Workshops For Older Drivers

This year’s national Mobility Roadshow (25th-27th June, Donington Park, Derby) will host a one-day conference on older drivers, co-hosted by three national charities working in this sector.

The conference and workshops – ‘Driving challenges and choices for ...– take place on Friday 26th June at the Mobility Roadshow, and are co-hosted by Age UK, The Forum of Mobility Centres and Mobility Choice (the charity that organises the Mobility Roadshow).

They are FREE to attend and open to consumers, trade representatives and healthcare professionals interested in safer driving for older people.

Three discussion workshops will take place during the day, focusing on driving challenges and mobility choices. Visitors may attend the conference for the whole day or select one or more workshops of interest.

With three/four guest speakers contributing to each session, attendees will gain vital information on driving, and other alternatives when driving is no longer an option, plus the opportunity to ask questions.


Workshop 1: 10:40-12:30. When to keep driving - and when to stop

This will focus on the practical issues surrounding the older driver – from deciding when is a good time to stop driving, renewing and refreshing skills and the improvements and benefits associated with life as a non-driver.

Workshop 2: 14:00-15:00. Technology in support of older drivers

This will review interesting changes in technology that enable older drivers to continue driving safely and for longer. It will include discussions on new and existing vehicle adaptations and modifications to the current developments in driverless cars.

Workshop 3: 15:20-16:35. Mobility scooters - legal and safety issues

The third session will review the legal and safety issues surrounding the rising popularity of mobility vehicles. The numbers in use are set to possibly double in the next three years, yet there is currently no driver training, insurance or safety checks required.

The day will commence at 10am with an introduction by Ann Frye, Chair of Mobility Choice and Mervyn Kohler from Age UK.

Contributors will include expert advisors from leading vehicle manufacturers, the Department of Transport, DVLA and The Forum of Mobility Centres amongst others.

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