New patient turning system provides life-changing benefits

The VENDLET turning and repositioning system is the latest innovation in patient handling and single-handed care.  The concept is based on a set of motorised roller bars and sheets, which gently turn or reposition the patient, dramatically reducing the risk of shear and friction and providing welcome relief for carers.  The advent of mechanised turning also allows for reduced care handling, providing cost savings but, equally importantly, greater dignity and comfort for the user. 

Here is a typical example of the life-changing benefits that the VENDLET system provides:

“After 3 months of using the VENDLET I can confirm that the difference it has made both to my son and myself is phenomenal.   Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, my son of 36 years has no use of his legs below the waist and only limited use of his left arm/hand.   As a single carer it was always a struggle to hoist him to allow the carrying out of personal care and fitting a sling to hoist him, during these manoeuvres he would have two to three spasms and often roll back.  To give me a break my son opted for external care three mornings a week, two carers each morning for an hour.  It still required me to move the furniture around and pull the bed away from the wall, in a bedroom very limited on space, to allow one carer either side of the bed.  After installation of the VENDLET and training on use we have now reduced the external care to one carer three mornings for one hour and I don’t have to reposition any furniture or move the bed, which pleases my son as well.  Due to the spasms my son tends to move down the bed until his feet are up against the foot board, causing acute pain.  Before the VENDLET I would have to hoist him to move him back up the bed.  Now with the ability to move the sheet mechanically, hoisting for this operation is a thing of the past.  The VENDLET allows one carer to carry out all personal care ensuring the dignity of the recipient whilst at the same time building a rapport second to none.”  Paul A

You can watch a video of the VENDLET in action here:  

To read more about the VENDLET turn aid system you can visit

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Comment by Wendy Russell on August 18, 2017 at 14:31

Fab!!  What a great invention.

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