Ramble Tag - a Blackwood Design Awards Entry

Ramble Tag is one of the entries to our Blackwood Design Awards and yet is already something of a success story. From it's fairly humble beginnings as two neighbours dog walking and an old luggage handle to a successful Kickstarter to a fully fledged product already being used in major airports in the UK. 

It's innovation is in it's simplicity and it's practical application. Many products these days are technical - we've been impressed before with products almost out of science fiction; apps that can monitor your health, 3D printed prostheses and wheelchairs that can be steered with your eye movement. All of these are of course fantastic but it's worth taking the time to step back and approach an problem with ingenuity without the bells and whistles of modern day technology. 

Essentially Ramble Tag is an arm harness with a handle that a person can wear to guide someone visually impaired instead of linking arms, which can be clumsy affair for all that have tried it. The harness creates a sense of confidence in the user allowing for a wee bit more freedom and takes away the danger of miss-footed stumbles leading to a two person pileup. 

It's one of those things where you go "Why hasn't this been done before?" 

Well it has now. 

The Blackwood Design Awards are happy to have this entry from Ramble Tag but we are very keen to for more entries!

If you have an idea for a product you can enter Best New Concept, do you use a product that helps you everyday reach out to the company and make them aware of our Best New Product awards, or are you a university student interested developing something that improves lives you can enter the Best Collaborative Project

You can find out more about the competition here

You can find out more about the Ramble Tag here

This post was made on behalf of Tom from Ramble Tag as his visual impairment makes it difficult for him to operate the blog function on this site. If you would like your own entry to the BDA's a little bit of promotion either here or on our social media - please get in touch! 

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