Remap, the charity that provides bespoke equipment for disabled people, celebrated some amazing new inventions at its annual awards last week. Here are some examples:

Rupert has invented a system to  help a virtually bind man see again, using a camera, screen and virtual reality headset! 

A rollater was adapted for an amputee by 3D printing special parts and a set of steps made for Margaux who has dwarfism means she can now access the bathroom washbasin independently. A handrail was fitted to a church door  to improve access for parishioners and a "helping handle" allows Bob to transition from his wheelchair to vehicle unaided. 

Remap volunteer Fred Harrison even helped a wheelchair user get to the top of Mt. Snowdon in her wheelchair, supported by a team of pushers!

Find out more about these wonderful devices on Remap's website. Which is your favourite solution this year?

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