Remap is a very special charity. Its 900 volunteers use their skill and ingenuity to design and make equipment for disabled people.

Of course, many items of specialist equipment are now available, but what can you do when there seems to be nothing on the market that suits your needs? Or if you have a piece of equipment which needs adaptation for you to be able to use it?

It is for these situations that Remap exists. Established some 50 years ago when very little equipment was available, the organisation now provides over 3,000 solutions for individuals every year.

This year’s Remap awards were presented in London on 30th June and top prizes went to the following projects.

• Aids to help a first time mum Jenny, with only one functional arm carry her baby and change its nappy
• Modifications to ride-on floor sweeper to help 57 year old man stay in work
• Adjustable wheelchair footrests for woman with MS
Yacht modifications for three ex-servicemen competing in disabled sailing
Mouth operated controls for sony e-reader for Sue, who has MS
Cutlery holder for Hazel who has post-polio syndrome
Chair footrests for children at special school for those with hearing loss

To see all these projects visit the Remap website 

There are 76 Remap groups across England and Wales, so there's probably one near you.

What can Remap do for you?

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Comment by David Martin on July 7, 2016 at 8:19

Yes the Remap volunteers love a challenge! The award winners are picked by a panel of experts including Professor Heinz Wolff and the Remap CEO, Adam Rowe. 

Comment by Paul Richoux on July 7, 2016 at 7:39

Great post David. I love how divers the projects are that Remap work on. Everything form chair footrests to yacht modifications! 

Who picks the winners of the Remap Awards?

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