Terry Courts, 60 from St. Austell, Cornwall, is a retired taxi driver, pub landlord and previous Guinness World Record holding darts player, who has regained independence on a new type of TGA Breeze Max mobility scooter.


Terry was a hard working taxi driver for over 20 years in and around Cornwall who has had to take earlier retirement due to weight-related health issues. Prior to being a taxi driver, Terry was the landlord of the The Harbour Tavern in Mevagissey for seven years. During this time, he achieved a new Guiness World Record alongside several other local darts players who achieved the highest cumulative score in 24 hours. In 1988 they achieved a world-beating total and Terry supported this monumental effort with his much-loved local hot pot.


Recently he has been struggling to remain independent and care for his 84-year-old mother until he discovered a new breed of heavy-duty mobility scooter from TGA – the Breeze Max. Terry and his Shih Tzu/Jack Russell cross dog called Scooby, are now once again mobile with a mobility scooter that has extra wide rear wheels, strengthened suspension and a larger, pivoting orthopaedic seat. Scooby regularly travels on the floor well of the Breeze and Terry has customised it with a ‘Speedy’ number plate which many passing motorists find humorous.


Terry explains: “My years of taxi driving have taken their toll on me. You know what it’s like waiting around for customers so you have a nibble here and a nibble there. I had to give up my job seven years ago because of health issues and only in the last 12 months given up driving altogether. But then came along my saviour – the TGA Breeze Max. Compared to my old scooter, which I felt every bump when driving and was generally so uncomfortable, it is now like sitting aboard a Rolls Royce. I soon gave it a name and had a ‘Speedy’ plate made which I stuck on the rear. It’s so funny that passing motorists blow their horns and some shout ‘Hi Speedy!’ when they see me. When I took delivery I was soon off out enjoying the sunshine and as I live alone, it is brilliant that I can stop and chat to people, even ones waiting at bus stops.


Terry continues: “Scooby comes with me everywhere I go and loves sitting on the footplate and watching the world go by. As he is a rescue dog, he really struggles being on his own and if I try to sneak out without him, he howls and cries like a baby. His favourite TV programmes You’ve Been Framed, Coronation Street and Emmerdale can be a distraction if I need to go out without him as Scooby jumps up and down like a Kangaroo when they are on. However Scooby and I are much happier when we are out cruising together. I would recommend this type of strengthened mobility scooter to everyone who needs independence and struggles with mobility or weight-related issues.”


The Breeze Max is a modified version of the market leading TGA Breeze S4 that won the BBC Top Gear extreme mobility scooter TV challenge in 2012. It has been specifically re-engineered for heavier users and incorporates a more powerful motor and chassis for increased strength, torque and performance. The overall ergonomic design carefully considers the needs of owners weighing up to 39 stone so that easy access and day long comfort is maintained. Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director explains: “We understand end user needs are always changing and with a trend towards larger scooter owners, we felt launching the Breeze Max was a necessity for TGA. Many individuals weighing up to 39 stone, who were previously unable to find a scooter that would carry their weight safely, have now discovered the pioneering TGA Breeze S4 Max.”


Terry concludes: “I love being able to visit my local shopping square now independently thanks to my Breeze Max. I go there quite often and sit on Speedy in the Bakers with a latte and a bun. I watch the traffic go by and chat to more or less everyone who comes in – they all love my Breeze with its very large rear wheels. It’s so comfortable and a joy to drive, I would recommend this model of TGA Breeze to anyone who is thinking of getting a reliable and safe, large mobility scooter.”

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