Nicki, 48 from Edinburgh has ME/CFS but has regained the ability to enjoy freedom outdoors whilst walking her four dogs, thanks to the same TGA Breeze mobility scooter she saw on BBC Top Gear.

Nicki is a lively and dynamic individual who had to take earlier retirement from front line medical duties and was diagnosed last year with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Nicki now lives with this serious condition that restricts her mobility and makes walking extremely difficult. Nicki enjoyed a successful 15-year career working for the ambulance service based in Edinburgh and regularly assisted during dramatic life-or-death situations. She thrived in emergency situations and ultimately would not swap these memories for anything.

Unfortunately she was medically retired from the Ambulance Service and as time progressed, Nicki developed Osteoarthritis, her Asthma became more problematic and eventually she was diagnosed with ME/CFS. As an active lady who loved walking her four dogs, it has been extremely difficult for her to accept life with limited independence.

This was until she watched a type of rugged mobility scooter win the BBC Top Gear extreme mobility scooter challenge – the TGA Breeze. The 8mph Breeze is a highly respected scooter supplied by TGA that has off-road capabilities and has been used in several, epic endurance challenges to raise money for charity. It has become a national ‘institution’ and is engineered with robust wheels and a sturdy chassis that deliver stability and safety over a wide variety of terrain.

Nicki explains: “As my mobility has become progressively worse, I was determined to find a way to remain independent outside of my home. I miss my job but have had to come to terms with a change in lifestyle. I had considered a mobility scooter but wasn’t sure whether there were any that could cope with rural tracks and countryside terrain where I have always walked my dogs. Well, watching the Breeze on BBC Top Gear changed all of that. I couldn't believe a mobility scooter could have ever climbed up that steep hillside in the Brecon Beacons and tackled such rough off-road tracks.

Anyway, I was quick to contact TGA and now I am the proud owner of my own Breeze. The liberation it has given me is unequalled and I know my four dogs are just as chuffed. Daniel and Pippa, my two lively Italian Spinone Gun dogs and Ruby and Toots, Yorkshire Terriers, can now enjoy the outdoors with me. The yorkies regularly travel on the scooter floor well and I have even added a cushion so they can ride and rest in comfort!”

Nicki continues: “Apart from the rewards of helping the general public, I have always loved driving which was one of the reasons I joined the Ambulance Service. Thank goodness this passion is still alive with my Breeze and as I now have a tow bar and trailer I can take the scooter anywhere. I have already taken it to the beach and around several local forest tracks.

As a result, enjoying the countryside together is so easy, and we take lunch and the dogs with us for a full day out. I chose to have heavy-duty batteries installed which give me around 30 miles of range on one charge. These days may not be as dynamic as when I worked with the Ambulance Service, but bearing in mind my condition, they give me just as much pleasure.”


TGA is based in Sudbury, Suffolk and has been a respected designer, manufacturer and provider of mobility products for 25 years with a specialty in mobility scooters. TGA is renowned for its high quality, diverse range that includes the Breeze that is a national favourite, the ever-popular Eclipse car boot scooter through to the funky cutting edge Vita and market-leading wheelchair Powerpack.

As a family-run business, TGA is dedicated to quality, innovation and service with all of its products undergoing rigorous testing before delivery ensuring peace of mind and trouble free ownership.

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