George Breese, 67 from Malborough in Devon, is an ex-motorcyclist and club racer who despite now living with the affects of a Stroke, has regained his ability to enjoy the open countryside thanks to an off-road TGA Vita X mobility scooter.

George lives near the picturesque coastal town of Salcombe and is surrounded by an area of outstanding natural beauty. As his locality is so rural and rugged near the coast, George was unable to access many of the pathways and off-road tracks using a traditional mobility scooter or whilst being pushed in a wheelchair. George lives alone and was desperate to regain his independence, especially when he reflected on his motorsport past. Freedom only became possible when he discovered a new breed of mobility scooter with off-road capabilities – the TGA Vita X. George can now be regularly seen travelling cross country and along coastal paths whilst filming his adventures which he posts on YouTube. TGA has been a leading, national mobility scooter specialist for over 25 years and supplies the highly respected Vita and Breeze ranges. George liked the Breeze, especially it’s name, but decided the cutting edge sports styling, strengthened suspension and chunky tyres incorporated into the Vita X appealed more to his motorsport heritage.

George explains: “In my younger days, I regularly rode and raced motorbikes. Despite having a major stroke in 2008, my passion for motorsport will never die. In my heyday, I enjoyed the adrenalin-filled thrill of racing brands such as Benelli, Yamaha, Aermacchi and Ducati around tracks such as Brands Hatch and Snetterton. My wife would always support me in the stands even though she worried when seeing me travelling at over 120mph, which is quite slow compared to today’s bikes. I remember when I borrowed my eldest son’s bike a few years ago, a Yamaha R1, boy it was lightening quick but so amazing to ride! In between racing I would spend my time building a motorcycle from scrap parts a bike dealer friend would supply me. The ironic side of having a Stroke is that I spend most nights dreaming I can do a variety of extreme sports from rock climbing to powerboating. As I live apart from my wife and four children, being able to go out independently either for day-to-day needs or pleasure, is so important for me. I struggle walking and have major balance problems which means without my Vita X, I would be housebound and my quality of life would be really poor.”

Since owning his Vita X for only a few weeks, George has clocked up over 150 miles. He regular explores the many rural paths in Devon and Hope Cove is one of his favourite destinations. The Vita X is a highly robust and reliable 8mph scooter with independent suspension on each front wheel. This delivers increased stability and safety when George is mounting pavements at angles or driving off-road, as each wheel can react independently to changes in ground surface.

George concludes: “At last, there is a mobility scooter that gives creditability to people with disabilities – the TGA Vita X. I may not be travelling at the speeds I enjoyed in years gone by, but the Vita X is so impressive at tackling slopes and rocky tracks that I once again have real freedom. As I don't look disabled, I am regularly stopped by hikers and holidaymakers who ask “where can we hire one of those superb looking, off-road buggies?” I love filming my journeys with a camcorder mounted to the tiller and have even started adding music to the videos I upload to YouTube. With its sporting prowess, I really understand why the famous NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart was seen on his Vita X recently after breaking a leg. The TGA Vita X has changed my life.”

TGA Electric Leisure Limited
TGA is based in Sudbury, Suffolk and has been a respected designer, manufacturer and provider of mobility products for 25 years with a specialty in mobility scooters. TGA is renowned for its high quality, diverse range that includes the Breeze that is a national favourite, the ever-popular Eclipse car boot scooter through to the funky cutting edge Vita and market-leading wheelchair Powerpack. 
As a family-run business, TGA is dedicated to quality, innovation and service with all of its products undergoing rigorous testing before delivery ensuring peace of mind and trouble free ownership.  

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