Spokz and ORacing Bespoke Wheelchairs at Mobility Roadshow 2015

Spokz, a UK disability product retailer, are the UK dealers for ORacing wheelchairs. Oracing wheelchairs are manufactured in Spain and offer the next level of bespoke wheelchairs to the market.

Excellent lightweight build quality, many accessories and individual aftercare means ORacing wheelchairs allow people with physical disabilities to express their individuality whilst having a chair they can rely on. ORacing wheelchairs will be on the Spokz stand at the Mobility Roadshow this year. Come and have a look for yourself on stand 11. Pimp Your Ride now applies to wheelchairs!

Spokz and Oracing Bespoke Wheelchair You can choose a chair size that fits to the millimetre with a variety of wheels, spoke colours, castors colours and, if you want something truly unique, custom-made upholstery (back rests and cushions), footplates, spoke guards and many other options.

Steve Dent, MD of Spokz joined up with Felipe Garcia, MD of ORacing because they share a similar philosophy: to work with the best products on the market, providing quality, value for money and a solid guarantee to treat each client as an individual. Spokz are committed to making sure you are totally satisfied, including comprehensive aftercare after you’ve settled into your new chair. Both Steve and Felipe have been wheelchair users for many years and have firsthand experience of the complexity of choosing and buying a new chair.

ORacing wheelchairs stand out: take a look at some of our vibrant demo chairs at the Mobility Roadshow and you can discover this for yourself. There are currently four models to choose from: F2 open frame rigid chair, SX suspension chair, XTR ultralight box-frame chair and MB open frame adjustable chair. Each can be customised in many different ways to suit your life and fashion style.

Lee, a customer who purchase an ORacing F2 chair from Spokz, shares his experience: “Most 'new chairs' I've had have taken a while to get used to but this has been like a duck to water. I'm impressed with the build quality and attention to detail, the ride is smooth and the main thing is that it fits like a glove and feels really light. I've been a wheelchair user for 17 years and have had a few chairs in that time, both good and bad, but I've always been disappointed by the customer service. My Spokz/Oracing experience has, so far, been quite the opposite! Steve has been a great help through the ordering process and his knowledge, experience and 'can do' attitude are a breath of fresh air!”

Spokz is indeed all about ‘can do’. We are a founding member of Kandu, a new network of organisations who promote an ethical, moral and friendly way to do business in the care and mobility sectors.

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