Despite living with Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Diabetes, Royalist Teresa Gibbs, 75 from Exmouth, is a retired Royal Marine MoD worker nicknamed ‘Her Majesty’, who can continue to offer voluntary support to her local Stroke Club thanks to a remarkable TGA Breeze mobility scooter.


Teresa has lived locally all her life and was born in Budleigh Salterton, approximately five miles from Exmouth. She has a daughter (53) and a son (51) who the latter was well recognised as a local postman until he was diagnosed with MS two years ago. Following this news, Nick Gibbs achieved a charity bike ride from John O-Groats to Land’s End in 2010 and still manages to assist his mother on good days. Thankfully, Teresa needs little help due to her independent spirit and TGA mobility scooter, which has allowed her to remain independent at home. Before retiring and becoming involved with charity work, 20 years of Teresa’s career was spent worked for the MoD at Lympstone military base that is renowned for training Royal Marine Commandos. Her first position was stationed in sickbay and after several years she was promoted and transferred to telecommunication management. Teresa regards the fact she was able to support the Royal Marines during her working life as an ‘…absolute privilege’. However as Teresa’s medical condition become more pronounced after retirement, she was unable to drive which resulted in a significant change in her lifestyle and loss of independence.


Teresa explains: “I have always been an independent individual who loves to chat and meet people. Working for the MoD gave me the best years of my life and I enjoyed every minute serving my country. Having to sell my Vauxhall Corsa Breeze was a really difficult decision to make, however I had no choice and knew my ability to provide a voluntary taxi and shopping service for members of the local Stroke Club would now not be possible. I was still determined to help the club by attending the centre, but mobility was a real problem until I discovered my Vauxhall Breeze replacement – a TGA Breeze mobility scooter! When I discovered how fantastic this scooter was and its name – I knew someone was telling me to get it. As I get so bored staying in and would always rather go out and say hello to people, my Breeze has allowed me to continue on the committee of the Stroke Club and carry on fundraising. My scooter is such a great machine that allows me to enjoy driving along the coastline and I regularly travel over 10 miles away from home with total peace of mind. I get stopped so many times by people I drive past who ask where did you get that fantastic machine? I love it and intend to go rambling soon across Exmoor.”


Teresa continues with her Royal Marine links during retirement as she plans to be part of the International Military Pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, again this year. Paying her respects to fallen servicemen and women is so important to Teresa and on a lighter note, these army links have ensured Teresa remains a dedicated Royalist which was seen during the Royal Jubilee last year. She was nicknamed ‘Her Majesty’ during the celebrations on Exmouth seafront when she proudly paraded around on her Breeze scooter wearing national colours, a tiara and waving Union Jack flags. A regal wave now comes as second nature to Teresa as she regularly drives around on her TGA Breeze, which is from the same range that won the BBC Top Gear extreme mobility scooter challenge and the International Red Dot design award.


Tim Ross, TGA National Sales Manager concludes, “Teresa is yet another amazing example of countless individuals across the UK who despite having mobility issues, have been able to continue supporting local charities thanks to a TGA mobility scooter. We admire Teresa’s continued zest for life and once again take pride in hearing how our award-winning Breeze has delivered improved well-being for another special individual.”


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